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HDPE/PP Woven Bags/Sacks
Wide variety of packaging bags, HDPE packaging bags, woven packaging bags, packaging sacks, HDPE packaging sacks, woven packaging sacks, PP packaging bags, laminated fabrics ideal for packaging products like solid chemicals, fertilizers, food grains, sugar, cashew nuts, animal feed etc

HDPE/PP Bags &Sacks

These bags are used when the particle size of the product to be packed is very fine making it possible for it to ooze out of the woven bag. Hence an
additional liner ensures its proper packing without any leakage of material.

PP Woven Laminated Gusseted Bags

The gusset bags has the ability to stand vertically due to its unique construction. Also printing can be done on the gusseted portion giving it easy recognition when kept in a pile of bags.


Tarpaulins is mainly used in making
temporary shades and rainy season shades. Tear-proof, water-proof and treated with a UV filter to prolong life and durability. Mould and mildew proofed. Constructed with roped edges and metal grommets in all corners and every three feet.

PP Woven Valve Type Bags

This type of bags is used mainly for packaging of cement and various other products. The material can directly filled by a hose and once the material has been filled to the brim the valve shuts automatically providing a locking system.

Sand Bags

These bags have a
strap on the top. They are filled with sand and then the strap is tied to close the bag. They are used in famine-affected areas to control the floods, by the armed forces and various other uses. Sand bags are generally un-laminated.

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